PDG Cargo Express

PDG Cargo Express  es una empresa líder dedicada al traslado de compras  por internet  vía aérea y marítima desde los Estados Unidos de América.
  • Servicio Aéreo
  • Servicio Marítimo
  • Servicio Pick Up
  • Reempaque y Consolidación
  • Atención al Cliente en USA y Venezuela
Servicio Aéreo
Servicio Marítimo
Servicio Pick Up
Reempaque y Consolidación
Atención Telefónica en USA y Venezuela

Manejo de Cargas

Para tu mayor tranquilidad, vamos a reempacar y consolidar toda tu carga para abaratar tus costos. Este servicio es completamente Gratis.

Seguro de Carga

Nuestro seguro de carga es por un máximo de $100, además, ponemos a su disposición un seguro a todo riesgo, por el valor total de su mercancía, este servicio tiene el valor equivalente a 15% del valor de su encomienda.

Artículos Prohibidos

Para garantizar el envío de su encomienda, por favor sírvase a verificar la lista de artículos NO PERMITIDOS según la normativa vigente.


GL is taking optimization to a whole new level. It has evolved into a comprehensive, fully integrated program designed to maximize productivity, minimize waste, and above all, reduce your per unit cost. Nothing exposes the weak links in your supply chain like optimization. And once those weaknesses are identified, we’ll work to eliminate them through our extensive program that includes the following key components:

  • Solutions Engineering
  • High-Performance Material
  • Supply Chain Network
  • Deployed Resources
  • Logistics
  • Financial Reporting

Nuestros Servicios

Source Optimization

Go to the source. It sounds simple enough, but with culture, language, and currency differences, as well as endless regulations.

Price Management

Shrinking margins. Soaring commodity prices. As companies feel the squeeze, it’s no surprise they are looking for new ways.

Order Management

As supply chains extend overseas and into outsourcing models, the potential to incur direct, indirect, and hidden increases.

Source Management

We don’t just manage suppliers, we micro-manage them. We have a consultative, personalized approach to hiring.

Color Management

Consumers, brands, and manufacturers alike recognize the value of consistent color over time and across products.

Claims Management

Claims resolution can be a time-consuming drain on both productivity and profits.

Warehousing &

Having a strong warehousing strategy is critical to your success.

Retail & Transit

“Sales Lift” is music to any marketing, brand or merchandising manager’s ears.

Quality Compliance & Sustainability

Raw Material Quality – Tailored to Fit.

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PDG Cargo Express
Carga Pesada y/o Comercial
8025 NW 68 St.
Miami FL 33166

Compras por Internet y Paquetería:
10514 Moss Rose Way
Orlando, FL 32832-5816

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